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Direct Debit

0% APR - Interest Free over 12 Months

Direct debit is available on ALL our 12 month products, except Rent Guarantee insurance, from 1st January 2017 for new business and renewals.

If you wish for the annual premium to be paid by monthly direct debit over 12 months then this facility is available as follows:-

New Business

Once you have proceeded to place cover you will be asked whether you wish for the policy to be paid for by Direct Debit. Simply answer YES and the Direct Debit setup procedure will begin.

The first months premium (1/12th of the annual premium) will be due as a deposit and you will be given the option of payment for this via either debit or credit card (We do not charge any fees for paying by credit or debit card.), once you have selected which option you require the online secure payment gateway will open so you can enter the policyholders payment details and complete the direct debit bank details form.

The information we will require for the Direct Debit are:-

  1.     Full name of the bank account holder
  2.     Their 8 digit bank account number
  3.     Their 6 digit sort code

Once this has all been completed the first months premium will be taken from the card selected and the direct debit will be set up by us for the remaining instalments to be collected over the remaining 11 months starting one month after the inception date of the policy.

Please note that direct debit is only available to UK domicile policyholders with a UK bank account.


If you would like an existing policy that is not already paid for by Direct Debit to be paid by monthly Direct Debit over 12 months then please complete the online Direct Debit set up by clicking the following button.

Direct Debit Set Up

During this process you will be required to pay the first months premium as a deposit equal to 1/12th of the annual premium and provide the Direct Debit bank details in exactly the same way as stated above for new business.

The policy will then be renewed by us and the annual documents issued with the remaining instalments collected over the remaining 11 months starting one month after the renewal date of the policy.

Please note we may be unable to offer direct debit if the renewal date has already passed. Please contact our accounts department if this is the case, they will be able to provide further information.

Payment Example

Our Direct Debit facility is offered over 12 months at 0% APR therefore there is no additional cost for this service.

At new business or renewal an amount equal to 1/12th of the total annual premium will be taken as a deposit and to cover the first months instalment, the remaining 11 instalments will be collected over the remaining 11 months with the last instalment being due 1 month prior to the expiry of the policy.

The 1st months instalment/deposit will be rounded up to cover any fractional pence that may occur when the annual premium is divided by 12, in the example below the £220 annual premium equates to £18.333333 per month so the 1st payment will be rounded up by a few pence to ensure that the following instalments are round pence at £18.33.


Annual premium

1st Instalment/Deposit

11 instalments of
£18.33 per month

All our new business quotes and renewal notices will clearly state the amount of the first instalment and the amount of the remaining 11 instalments.

Direct Debit Facility Provider

Our Direct Debit facility is provided and operated by Premium Credit Ltd, the leading insurance premium finance provider.

Once the Direct Debit facility has been set up by us the policyholder will receive correspondence in the post or via email from Premium Credit. This will include full details of the Direct Debit and payments dates plus all the legal documents that must be issued regarding credit and finance. Although there is no interest associated with this Direct Debit facility it is still legally deemed a credit agreement and therefore benefits from all the protections these laws provide for the customer.

The credit agreement must be signed and returned to Premium Credit as failure to do so may result in them charging a £10 administration fee and/or the ability to pay the premium by Direct Debit being withdrawn by us.

Mid-Term Premium Adjustments

If a policy is amended mid-term that results in either an additional premium or a return premium then the direct debit will be amended to take these amounts into account.

Should there be an additional premium due then the remaining instalments will be increased to reflect this amount. Likewise should there be a return of premium then the remaining instalments will be reduced accordingly.

On the odd occasions when there is an additional or return premium towards the end of the policy and there are no instalments remaining or not enough time in which to make a change to the Direct Debit as it is close to the last instalment then our accounts department will contact you with full details of how the additional premium will be collected or the return premium refunded.

At any time if you have any questions or require guidance about our Direct Debit facility then please call us and speak to a member of our accounts department who will be more than happy to discuss matters with you. You may also email them, their email address is directdebit@vasek.co.uk.

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Insurance premiums paid for by direct debit are deemed to be providing credit and as such all regulatory requirements for credit must be followed, all insurers providing this service must carry out credit searches for decisions on credit and checks for the prevention and detection of money laundering.

Please note that Premium Credit will write to policyholders either via post or email to provide full details of the direct debit amounts and payment dates. They will also require a credit agreement to be signed, failure to sign this document may incur a charge of £10.